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Vision Food and Agricultural Policy (FAP) Consulting firm is an Ethiopian-based professional consulting firm…

Who Are We

Vision Food and Agricultural Policy (FAP) is an Ethiopian-based consulting firm which is managed by a team of highly qualified professionals from diverse professional fields working on versatile areas like agricultural and development policy analysis, ex-ante and ex-post impact and adoption studies, climate variability impacts, and adaptation measures, value chain and market analysis and development, spatial economics, environmental and ecosystem services, gender analysis to mention a few…

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The firm’s professional staff members are composed of experts having profound educational and professional hands-on experience at international and national levels. They have been engaged in various consultancy services and delivered standard reports to the best satisfaction of the clients.

Services We Provide


Agricultural value chain Survey

we undertake comprehensive agricultural value chain surveys and analysis encompassing all stakeholders and activities from input acquisition to marketing of agricultural products to end users (farm to fork)


Monitoring and evaluation

Our company renders state of the art monitoring and evaluation services for a number of agricultural and development related projects with a specialization on agricultural projects and interventions. The reports we produce have proved to be fruitful and actionable leading to successful project interventions


Baseline surveys

Our company is reputed in providing baseline surveys for different activities with special focus on agriculture. The baseline surveys we undertake always enables our client to have a firsthand and broad insight about the status of a particular action or practice so that it can develop a well scrutinized plan for future engagement


Impact assessment surveys

An end to end and reliable impact assessment studies are the inherent qualities of our company. we live up to clients’ expectations to deliver a reliable and profound impact assessment surveys to enable them to make well informed decisions


Other surveys

Besides all stated services we provide a range of other surveys and researches. stated below are some but not limited to

  • Gross margin surveys
  • Agricultural mechanization surveys
  • Livestock and fisheries marketing and value chain analysis
  • Natural resource management
  • GIS and remote sensing
  • Agricultural technology adoption surveys
  • Agricultural technology dissemination pathways
  • Agricultural land governance
  • Others

Marketing and business

Our Approach

Many companies across the globe continuously gauge on the perceived perceptions and satisfaction of customers about their image, quality of their products, communication, marketing mix and so on. Our company is there for clients to deliver a full picture of the company in the eyes of the customer by applying best fitted satisfaction measurements and tools

if you need to know how much of a market will pay you a subscription or visit, we are there to deliver one of a kind that you will not regret. All methodologies or know how are put in place to deliver what we promise

concerned if your sales force is not doing well? Or if your customer care agent is being reckless? Of if the whole customer experience might be poor? Our company gives a hand to provide with reliable and secure mystery shopping surveys to expose the downs and ups of your sales force, customer agent or any other boundary spanner.

Brand reputation surveys, competitor analysis and communication effectiveness and others are the surveys that we excel at.

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