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Natural Resources & Geosciences

Soil Survey

We apply contemporary surveying technologies and approaches and provide services of soil survey for projects including basin study, productivity study, resource management among others

Soil Erosion

If you need to quantitative study on the amount of soil eroded per year, we apply the RUSCLE methodology and satisfy your demand.

Soil Fertility

If you would like to have a report on the status of major soil nutrients such as N, P and K for potential fertilizer recommendation for boosting crop productivity, we conduct both field experiment and produce publication standard scientific report as per your demand.

Forest management plan

Forest resources are becoming a concern for economical means and as well as sustainable conservation. Forest management plans are useful tools for sustainable utilization and management of forest resources. Our group of expertise specializing both in forestry and Geosciences will provide you GIS based forest management plan.

Soil and Water Conservation

Integrated SWC technologies have been the operational solutions to combat soil and land degradation. In this regard, our services entail assessment of soil and water conservation practices, Proposing site specific SWC technologies and Management Plan.

GIS based

LULC product is invaluable information in a range of projects that pertain to Natural resources and agriculture. We produce LULC product by adopting widely used standards in line with your demand via integrating methodically field collected training samples and a range of satellite image products (High resolution, medium and coarse resolution). We validate the accuracy of the classified maps using standardized accuracy assessment.

We combine primary and secondary GIS data sources and prepare base maps for various projects of Agricultural and Natural Resources.

We apply GIS tools for delineating watershed and develop watershed management plan

We produce high quality and standardized thematic and topographic maps. The maps include both quantitative and qualitative maps at range of mapping scales including small, medium and large scale.

Remote Sensing

Vector based data are the commonly used format for capturing, storing, analyzing and mapping spatial data. We employ semi-automated high resolution image segmentation techniques and extract point, line and polygon features.

Projects of natural resource and agriculture often involve change analysis. We deliver products such as forest change maps, land use and cover change maps among others.

Forest maps are key inputs for developing forest management plans. We combine both Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images and produce forest maps

Achieving food security is one of the national priorities. Crop type maps are useful tool for improving crop productivity. We use data mining, optical and SAR image products for deriving accurate crop type maps.

Clients & Service Rendered

Among the several consultancy works carried out by the firm the recent one is assessment of the development potential of teff value chain in Ethiopia for the GIZ-GIC “Strengthening Rural Value Chain” project and serving as evaluator for the ‘Evaluation of the Reform Partnerships (RP) development cooperation model between Germany and Ethiopia’ on behalf of the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval). The firm also successfully conducted ‘the 2020 annual progress survey for wheat and faba bean commoditiesandhoney baseline studies in Arsi zone, Oromia region’ for the GIZ-Green Innovation Centres Ethiopia Project (GIC). Furthermore, the firm was also engaging in a consultancy work on ‘policy prioritization through value chain analysis (PPVC)’ project in collaboration with the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP), South Africa to prioritize shortlisted commodities in order to support ongoing national agricultural investment planning in Ethiopia.

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